The A List: Yachting’s Top Designers In Their Own Words


What’s the one thing you’d love to design that’s not a yacht?

Francesco Paszkowski, Francesco Paszkowski Design I would like to design a clifftop villa. It would blend into nature – hidden or integrated into the landscape ­– and the impact on the environment would be zero.

Wayne Parker, Wayne Parker Design The way we work and live in the world is changing, driven largely by climate change and technology. With these influences in mind, I would love to design a habitat either underwater, which is sensitive to the environment and can withstand the forces of nature, or in space that utilises technology and materials that will withstand the test of time.

Laura Pomponi, Luxury Projects An underwater archaeological museum in which to bring to life and show arts and craftsmanship, or historical vessels that are still hidden in dusty archives or under the oceans.

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