Born in Rome, growing up in Ancona, where studying at Polytechnic University with a Degree in Engineering, Laura started to work in shipbuilding in 2002. Laura has a long experience in project management at a Super Yacht builder. Her strong passion for art and design and her loves for material research and finding innovative applications made her to start her own business. Luxury Projects Design Studio and Atelier, headquartered in Ancona (Italy) was founded in 2008.  Everything started from her glamorous shoe collection and her fanatic attention to detail. Now, challenging complicated projects and experiencing new cultures are the key drivers for creating innovative, tailor-made amazing interiors.

Aldo Viani

Degree in Architecture in Florence and almost 30 years in the Yacht design from boat styling to creating complete interiors from a blank sheet of paper. With his mentor, Paolo Caliari, he was already working as a pioneer on expedition boats, trawlers and on the first Italian motor-yachts, contributing to the “Mediterranean style” of yachts and pleasure luxury vessels from 20 to 150m. For him everything really starts from sketch, when his pencil drops the first lines. The best ideas are mostly on restaurants paper tablecloths! His shipyard based experience, his knowledge of the yacht construction process and his seeming everlasting creativity always makes the LP team processing new ideas in terms of styling, layout and details. His soul purpose is creation of an innovative different yacht merging the Clients’ needs and in line with the purpose and use of the yacht. He loves sailing…Often he sails beyond with his mind!

Antonio Costamante

20 Year experienced professional consultant in project management, coordination and quality surveying of luxury superyacht interior and outstanding challenging real estate tailor made special furnishing projects.
Committed to the Client’s targets and achievements, with a strong attitude to teamwork and problem preventing before solving. 
Quality of design, consistent luxury details, honest construction, and budget respect are fundamentals. Making chimeras feasible and seaworthy, achieving lightest weight possible when required, without compromising aesthetics, are provided extra values. Passions: Cooking and tasting Sicilian, sailing, loving and… Telling about Sicilian history.

Giulia Rovai

With a degree in Architecture and a Master in Yacht Design, she is deeply involved with the yacht projects designs and construction follow-up. Her constant curiosity and look out for innovative architectural solution combined with her team approach is absolutely the way to achieve the best result. Dealing on a daily basis with so many people from different nationalities and cultures is for sure not easy, but Giulia can cope with it all. She loves all there is about trends and fashion, and she will never refuse an offer of a new journey around the world.

Luana Bazzoli

With a degree in Florence Academic Visual Arts, and a Masters in Interior Design, she focuses on interior projects for yachts and private houses: from the selection of structural materials to the proposals of mix & match décor accessories. As a painter, she is on the constant look out for the perfect inspiration for composition and colour. Not even the offer of a free shopping trip would distract her from that!

Simonetta Papa

With academically administrative studies and background, she is in charge of the LP Administrative/Purchase department. Never forgetting a code, a detail, attending all Clients, all projects, all suppliers and contractors makes her the perfect “soul” of the entire Luxury Projects goods world.
Her sewing and passion for backing cakes, even make her part of the Luxury Projects creative team!

Andrea Antonucci

Degree in Construction Engineering, PHD (AA Design Research Laboratory, March degree) @ the Architectural Association School of Architecture (London), he gained experience working @ Zaha Hadid Architects e ARUP AGU (Advance Geometry Unit). His creative mind together with his knowledge of technology make the perfect recipe for successful architecture & design projects. Passions: his family & any MAC device or tool!

Enzo Treviglio

25 years experience in lighting projects, he has focused mostly on yachts lighting and the introduction of innovative lighting technology since 1999. He is totally switched-on to the concept of hidden lighting, with the philosophy of ‘why turn something beautiful off?’ In his free time, he seeks ‘other-world’ inspiration by scuba-diving.

Filippo Pernisco

Degree in Industrial Design & Visual Communication, he considers design as the centre of a complex system that flows through project, sociology, business, communication and art. Research, innovation and technology are the bases of his approach, from 3D conceptual models to photorealistic rendering, but…Our offices are full of his hand sketches! There is a party or a luxury event around? He will never miss it!

Michele Agostinelli

Michele Agostinelli

24 years expertise in real estate construction and quality control. His passion on electronics and computers started when he was a child dismounting and reprogramming it all! For sure coordination and commissioning of AV/ entertainment, acoustic, termic insulation systems are his daily challenge. He loves sailing on his boat and he is always ready to fix everything by himself!