Superyacht Nero: The Re-Birth of an Icon

superyacht nero

The history behind J.P. Morgan’s Corsair yacht spans centuries, and inspired the creation of the 90-metre superyacht Nero; one of the most iconic superyachts on the water today. Known for a sophisticated style that echoes a timeless era of luxury, superyacht Nero has been born again following an extensive refit project. Now, in an Online Exclusive, we speak to Laura Pomponi of Luxury Projects about a new phase in the history of Nero.

New Style

Superyacht Nero – “It is always great, creatively, to turn a Gentleman Yacht into a fresh Lady of the Sea,” explains Laura Pomponi, CEO & Founder of Luxury Projects. “By subtly integrating new features, technology, and design by still enhancing the true character of the superyacht Nero , the merging of contemporary luxury and true custom design details, balanced with the original classical theme of the yacht is a true work of art.”

The refined and worldly feel on board has been completely updated thanks to a 70% replacement of all wood with matte finish limed oak, keeping its stately elegance and brightening the entire interior. Pair this with custom champagne carpeting and polished marble floors, the tone of bygone luxury has not only been preserved but enhanced to an entirely new level thanks to a contemporary touch from Laura Pomponi and the vision of Nero’s Owners.

To accentuate the ‘Modern Classic’ style, thousands of individual details create a much bigger picture; including new fabrics and furniture with a blue-green motif and stunning lighting to bring the interior to life while ornaments and artworks contrast against custom metal wall pieces.

“The Refit opportunity, especially on board MY NERO, meant to respect the original vessel, and simply cheer her up,” adds Pomponi. “Balancing classic lines with modern art, contemporary accessories and lighting were the most challenging aspects of this refit project.”

“Our brief from the outset was to update and freshen up all of the interiors of the yacht,” explain her Owners. “We were very specific and requested that the overall style and comfort level of Nero were to be respected in its entirety. When we recently visited the Yacht, my husband and I were finally able to see Nero restored to all her glory with a thoroughly modern fresh classical look throughout.”

The nature of Nero itself – a true love-letter to life on the water, lived well – is now more iconic than it has ever been. But, it’s not just the interior that received an update.

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