Superyacht of the week: The 34 metre superyacht Koji

superyacht koji

Delivered in 2013, brand new powerful superyacht Koji is a sharp, sleek and exquisitely sportive vessel built by the Italy-based Cantiere Navale Arno. With exteriors by Andrea Bacigalupo and interiors designed by Luxury Projects, Koji is a strong, eye-catching vessel that combines aggressive looks with fitting strong designs and the performances to match.

At just over 34 metres LOA, superyacht Koji, is spacious, outfitted in a glamorous, contemporary nightlife-themed style and supplied with the luxuries to make her a perfect vessel for an action-packed and fast-paced life on the the waves.

superyacht Koji

Koji, built under the supervision of Andrea Carlevaris & Partners, is a true performance superyacht, being able to reach speeds of up to 42 knots with her triple waterjets. She has definitely got the looks to match, with bold, sharp lines, a strong silhouette and the lush metallic colour resembling gun-metal for her hull and superstructure.

With vibrant red accents here and there, superyacht Koji is both the gun and the bullet: unapologetically fast and dominant, an alpha superyacht that’s ready to measure her strength in any showdown. Or simply to take her guests to the horizon and back in the blink of an eye, surrounded by vibrant style, perfect comfort and luxury.


Her panoramic aft deck offers large lounge pads for countless lazy hours of soaking up the sun. With the wide swimming platform aft and covered lounge and al fresco dining area right adjacent to the sunbathing area, Koji‘s aft deck is a vigorous and breezy lounge space that collects the important qualities of outdoor life onboard a superyacht in one accessible area. The aft deck, which is, like most of Koji‘s designs, based on a colour scheme of dark grey and red, is one of two exterior areas that are perfect for enjoying the excitement of Koji‘s strength when sailing at full speed. Slicing through the waves, perfectly sheltered from the wind, it is very easy to imagine guests enjoying the surroundings vistas sliding by, while being en route to their next adventurous destination.

By Jochem Kaan

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