SUPERYACHTS.COM Editor’s Note: Project Insights and Italian Revelry


Last week we watched in awe as M/Y and S/Y ‘A’ became acquainted off the coast of Monaco… This week the news took an unexpected turn to the Mediterranean coastline of Italy where a delivery in Pisa and anticipation for the Versilia Yachting Rendezvous has helped us pay homage to some Italian greats.

First up in our ode to Italia is our rapidly developing Interior Insights series, which takes a look at one of many superyacht masterpieces emerging from the Luxury Projects portfolio. With owner Laura Pomponi driving an elegant force of designers to produce some of the most intricate interiors on the ocean, we delve inside the newly updated Heesen, 34m Destiny.

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By: Ben Roberts
Published: 11th May 2017

Laura Pomponi is one of the most upcoming names in both Italian interior style and refit expertise. Now, with a brand-new project under her belt, we take an in-depth look at the updated interiors of Destiny, a superyacht owned and lovingly refitted thanks to a young Italian owner and the work of Luxury Projects.

With a superyacht portfolio ranging from CRN’s 54m Alouette II to, Tecnomar‘s 43m Talal, Luxury Projects does its name justice, showcasing interiors with dramatic elegance and unapologetic glamour. From hand selecting grandiose art pieces from around the globe, to the innovation of outlandish lighting, Luxury Projects guide their clients through a journey from its first sketched lines right through to the curtain call; or in Destiny’s case, a new vision of revitalisation.

Destiny built by the experts at Heesen Yachts, showcases all the plush perks of a refit. As far as its 2016 refit goes, its interior design boasts simplistic glamour and contemporary elegance, taking aesthetic sensibility to new heights. Offering a perfect balance between the striking exterior, its interior design make’s a grand statement.