Laura Pomponi on New Projects & Designing for Life

Luxury Projects Design

Luxury Projects Design is an atelier working to introduce high-concept design to yachts and residences across the world. Laura Pomponi, the founder of the Italian interior design studio, speaks to about her approach to merging residential luxury with the yachting lifestyle.

The current projects under construction and undergoing refit with the Luxury Projects Design team is astounding. The 90 metre icon Nero is currently undergoing refit with the studio, as is a historical 42m Feadship, the 42m Saint Nicholas and two extension projects; the 41m Saint Raphael and a 41 Explorer in Italy.

With four refits delivered this year – consisting of the 38m Heesen Destiny, the 43m CRN Avant Garde, the 42m Heesen Lady Azul and the 42m Lady Jade – the work on the board and off the water further proves the demand surrounding refit.

Outside of refit, Luxury Projects Design is also in charge of new-build yacht projects, such as a new 36m Explorer in Spain, a 52m Motor Sail in Turkey, two New HH77 / HH88 Fast Cats in China and other top secret projects.

How do you connect your residential work with yachting?
“Design for your life” has been our motivation since the beginning of Luxury Projects, every project is special for us. Then devotion, dedication to every single detail in creating innovative designs and architectures representing the Client’s thoughts and desires: “my house/my yacht/my jet: it’s what I am and what I feel”

How do you create a home on the water for your clients?
“It is always a matter of entering the mindset of the clients; listening, observing their lifestyle and creating what their eyes see or want to see in term of spaces, functionalities and innovation. A yacht has to give energy and pleasure to be lived in, then colours, materials, finishes get their important role.”

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