The Design Society: Laura Pomponi – Luxury Projects


Luxury Projects have been successfully shortlisted in the ID &A £2.5-£5 million(Property Value) with their private residence interior design project.


Laura Pomponi Design Style

Laura Pomponi Design



Position within company: CEO & FOUNDER



Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)

Starting with secondary school classic studies, I then got my degree in Electronic Engineering and worked first as a researcher on 3G telecommunication systems for the Telecom Italian Lab, travelling a lot around the world: Japan, South America, Korea, Canada, all around Europe, etc… Then I decided to come back home, Ancona (Italy) where my family is living, where I worked for five years as a Project Manager at the famous CRN shipyard in Ancona. This has been the point of joint between the Engineer carrier and the passion for boats and yachts, seen as complicated projects to develop.

In March 2008 I set up Luxury Projects following the entrepreneur dream and the passion for innovation and research, creating in 2010 our Atelier Luxury Projects… It seems also that design and colours are in my blood: I’m the granddaughter of a clothes designer!


How would you describe your personal interior design style?

The overall philosophy of the LP Team is to enter into the emotional mindset of Clients so as to be able to create a new emotion for them, with a continuous exiting challenge in terms of professional skills, a unique opportunity to discover new concepts and learn about new “savoir-fairs”.

The worldwide research of innovative materials is matched with the knowledge of expert craftsmen, merging the Italian soul with different cultures and tastes to meet Clients’ expectations. Each design is reflecting a different taste: it’s all about a crossover of styles and always respecting the diversity, because our success is to achieve an elegant, without forcing any concept, but simply with a great attention to functionality of spaces, comfort and details.


Where does your design inspiration come from?

My approach is eclectic, using ideas picked up in both my work and leisure time. The passion in life is travel, but my professional resumé is also varied, therefor LP is clearly an interesting mix of art and technology, a perfect combination in the design world.

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